March 23, 2007

Naviblog and Diageo release Guinness Navi

TOKYO, March 22, 2007: Diageo Japan K.K. (1) announced today the launch of its one-click mobile pub search service “Guinness Navi” on March 17, 2007. The new service was developed by Naviblog Corporation (2), based on their award-winning Naviblog platform.

Guinness Navi allows users to search nearby Guinness outlets easily with their mobile phone, based on the user's location. Guinness Navi is the first service to offer a branded mobile search for food and beverages. Although the service is currently restricted to Irish pub search within Tokyo's 23 wards, it plans to increase its scope to other areas, and to dining bars, local bars and other outlets.

Guinness Navi is extremely easy to use: the user reads in the specified QR barcode on their mobile phone to reach the service's top page, then clicks on the link there. The service then reads the user's location and plots the closest Guinness participating outlets on a mobile map. The service requires no downloads, installs or updates.

Current map search services require the user to click through a number of screens to reach the desired local search result, resulting in long search times. As the new Guinness Navi system is compatible with all locational technologies (from antenna triangulation/cell ID, to GPS, WiFi and direct address input), the search process is reduced to one click. The service can be used by users on Japan's 3 largest mobile phone operators (NTT Docomo, KDDI, Softbank), reaching a majority of users in the Tokyo metropolis.

Opening its website at in fall 2006, Guinness is actively pursuing digital marketing activities, including the launch of this new Guinness Navi service.

(1) About Diageo Japan K.K.
Diageo Japan (CEO: Paul Gulliver) is the 100%-owned Japanese subsidiary of London-based Diageo Plc. Diageo is the world's leading premium drinks business, and owner of numerous premium beer, spirits and wine brands. See for more.

(2) About Naviblog Corporation
Naviblog (CEO: Mandali Khalesi) is a Tokyo-based mobile marketing firm that provides branded marketing solutions to consumer brands, digital advertising agencies, and mobile operators worldwide. It is a Red Herring 100 company, with its award-winning Naviblog mobile search platform. See for more.

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